As Catholics, we believe in the power of prayers said for our departed loved ones. And we know that each time a burial occurs in a Catholic Cemetery prayers are said for the souls of all the faithful laid to rest there.

Selection of burial space, therefore, in a Catholic facility is our assurance that we will never be forgotten, that we will continually benefit from graces bestowed upon us even after we have completed our earthly journey. The Catholic Way is also a final act of love for those we leave behind, since there is comfort in the knowledge that we have “come home” to the consecrated land of our faith.

Your decision to make arrangements today will bring a priceless sense of security to you and your family. You will have spared yourself and your loved ones the agonies associated with a difficult task. And you will have avoided the tendency to overspend in such circumstances. Finally. you will have provided a lasting and sincere expression of your concern, reverence and love for your family.

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Saint Catharine Cemetery/Mausoleum


Saint Anne Cemetery

Palm Crosses

Purchase a Palm Cross to be placed in honor of your loved one. Palm Crosses will be placed two weeks prior to Palm Sunday and removed two weeks after Easter.

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