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Daily Mass
St. Catharine Church M-F 12Noon 

Weekend Masses
St. Margaret Church: Saturday at 4PM, Sunday at 10:30AM
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St. Catharine School Playground: Saturday at 6PM, Sunday at 9AM
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Dear Parishioners,
I’m delighted to tell you that we are re-opening for the public celebration of mass, albeit with limited capacity and certain restrictions. Last week Bishop O’Connell made the following announcement.
Parish churches may begin the celebration of limited “in church” public weekend Masses with no more than 1/3 occupancy starting on June 13-14, the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, observing all requirements listed below. Weekday “in church” public Masses with no more than 50 persons attending may begin on Monday, June 8, 2020, observing the same requirements.  Pastors will determine the most fair and effective ways to ensure proper observance of those numbers.
The full statement is found here:
 Daily Mass
*Daily mass will resume on Monday, June 8, 2020 with mass at 12 noon in St. Catharine Church
*Capacity is limited to 50 people maximum.
*Masks must be for everyone over 2 years old.
*Social distancing practices must be observed.
*Mass will still be broadcast every day on LiveSteam.
*Daily mass will be staffed with our current worship team.
Sunday Mass
St. Catharine School Playground
The Sunday celebration of Mass will return with open air mass at St. Catharine School playground at 6 PM Saturday and 9AM Sunday. Many people had requested an outdoor celebration of mass and the limited capacity of St. Catharine Church while observing social distancing did not make it a viable option.
*Masks must be worn even outside for everyone over 2 years old while entering, exiting and during communion procession. 
*Social distancing practices must be observed.
*Please bring your own beach chairs, blankets, and sun hats. 
*Strollers are permitted for children.
*Umbrellas are not permitted as they will obscure visibility. 
*Feel free to bring water but not a picnic!
*The school gymnasium will serve as an alternative venue in case inclement weather but the capacity is limited to 100 and the gym is not handicapped accessible
*Mass will be streamed live on the parish’s facebook page.
St. Margaret Church
Mass will be celebrated in St. Margaret Church at 4 PM Saturday and 10:30AM Sunday morning.
*Masks must be worn for everyone over 2 years old.
*Social distancing practices must be observed.
*The capacity is limited to 100 people upstairs and 25 people downstairs.
*Please use designated seating in every other pew.
*Only one entrance is permitted but any door can be used as an exit.
*Mass will be streamed live on the parish’s facebook page.
*Weddings in St. Catharine Church are permitted but limited to a wedding ceremony with a maximum of 50 people.

*Funerals can commence again with a limited congregation of 50 people in St. Catharine Church, 100 People in St. Margaret Church, 50 people in St. Anne Mausoleum and 25 people in Resurrection Mausoleum. 
I’m aware that a number of our parishioners have lost relatives without the comfort of funeral rites. On June 17th, a requiem mass with the Bishop was broadcasted from St. Anne’s Mausoleum for those who have died in the Diocese of Trenton during the pandemic irrespective of the cause. I con-celebrated that mass as we remember all those who have passed here in our own parish. More details will follow about the time of the mass and where the link can be found.
Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers and Lectors will be getting an email to sign up for weekend masses through flocknote and ministry scheduler pro. No one will be auto scheduled. Altar servers will not be used at this time. I would ask you to please be patient with us as we engage in this reopening while trying to ensure your safety. 
I fully understand that you have many other questions about the other sacraments. When I receive more information, I will share it with you immediately.
Thank you for your continued support of the Parish in these challenging times. I truly appreciate all of the notes expressing your gratitude and encouragement for our continued liturgical and pastoral care. Please remember that our reopening plan is essentially an experiment that will be revised depending on the circumstances and requirements and will undoubtedly evolve. I need everyone to continue to be cooperative and patient to make all this work. With God’s grace, I’m confident and hopeful it will.
With Love and Blessings,
Fr Damian

Saturdays 3:30PM confessions in the sanctuary at St. Margaret’s Church

Daily Reflection

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If anyone is in need of spiritual, emotional or psychological help getting through this difficult time please feel free to call Fr Padovani on his emergency line 609-298-8457 and for more information and helpful videos please go to Fr Padovani’s website https://frpadovani.com

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