Pastor’s Projects

Current Projects

Parishioners and friends of St. Catharine- St. Margaret Parish Family frequently ask if there is any way they are able to “help” the parish.  We always encourage anyone able to volunteer their time and talent within the parish, however some people are either not able or would like to make a monetary contribution instead.

Below is a listing of “projects” currently happening in the parish.  We are extremely grateful for all of the generous contributions that come in throughout the year, we would not be able to assist as many people as we do without your support.

If you are looking to make a donation in memory of a loved one, as part of a bequest or would like contribute toward one of these projects please contact us for more information and to make arrangements.

Donations can also be made to the parish  specifically for St. Catharine School, a link to their website can be found HERE 

Lighting- St. Catharine and St. Margaret Churches

Painting of St. Margaret Church Interior

Tabernacle For St. Catharine School Chapel

The current tabernacle is in disrepair from frequent movement for additional liturgies we have at the cemeteries, playground, etc. It is currently the only tabernacle capable of being moved. We hope to purchase a new tabernacle for the school chapel, which will remain there, and have the current one transported to the cemetery for our liturgies at those locations.

Holy Water Font- St. Catharine School Chapel

We would like to place a holy water font in St. Catharine School chapel for students for SCS families to obtain holy water when needed.

Faith in our Future

The goal of the program is to explore ways in which parishes of the Diocese can: 1. Share more resources with each other and with parishes in need 2. Avoid unneeded duplication of services; and 3. Fill in the gaps where service and ministry have not been available.
For more information on Faith In Our Future click HERE

Completed Projects

Security Entrance at St. Catharine School

Enhanced security entrance to St Catharine School. Plans include a manned security kiosk inside the entrance to the school with secured doors controlling entrance to upstairs and basement of the school.

This project was completed during Easter break in the Spring of 2018. The final cost was approximately

Glass Niches at Resurrection Mausoleum of St. Catharine Cemetery

Due to the overwhelming response from parishioners that would prefer to be placed to eternal rest at St. Catharine Cemetery we have purchased Glass Niches for cremated remains at St Catharine Cemetery.  These niches are in place and available for purchase. Please contact the cemetery offices for more information at 732-681-6269.

St. Margaret Hall

Renovation of the community hall at St Margaret Church.  A new floor has been installed; New dividers have also  been installed to facilitate small as well as large gatherings; New window treatments have been installed, and new drapes. A closed circuit TV system has been installed to facilitate the transmission of Masses upstairs in the church to the hall.  New elevator has been installed that makes the church and the hall accessible to the handicapped. Funds for these improvements have been from the estate of deceased parishioner Frank Duffy. The hall has been dedicated as “Frank Duffy Hall” on December 10, 2017.

New Organ at St. Catharine Church

New Organ for St Catharine Church and removal of current organ to St Margaret Church to replace the aging organ already there. Funds for the new organ come from the estate of Ruth Rempe who bequeathed substantial funds to be used for the restoration and beautification of  St Catharine Church. The organ was installed in June 2018.

St. Catharine Church Roof Repair

Repairs to roof of St Catharine Church, and repair of the water damage to the fresco over the Blessed Mother Altar. The repairs were completed in the winter of 2018.

St. Catharine School Playground

Our redesigned and reconstituted playground includes new basketball courts, and an adventure playground for the younger students. New fencing will make the play-ground more secure and more appealing. The new playground was dedicated at a special Mass/reception on Sat Sept 8, 2017.  Thanks to the successful fund raising activities of the PTA throughout the year for spearheading and funding this effort. Pavers can also be purchased to assist in funding the playground through the school’s website HERE