(732) 449-5765

Rev. Harold Cullen, Pastor   Ext. 101

Rev. William Dunlap, Associate Pastor/ RCIA  Ext. 102

Rev. Charles Weiser, Senior Priest   Ext. 206

Deacon Edward Jennings,   Ext. 188

Deacon John Little,   Ext. 194

Susan Keating, Bookkeeping/ Finance Manager   Ext. 107

Lisa DeFillippo Cole, Business Manager   Ext. 169     
         Publicity, HR, Safe Environment

Richard Baier, Buildings and Grounds   Ext. 104

Stacy Vitale, Finance Office    Ext. 106

Richard Cambron, Special Projects   Ext. 111

Tammy Sablom, Religious Education  732-449-4424 Ext. 305

Laura Diver, Volunteer Coordinator, Ext. 155

Family Ministry   Ext. 168

Mark McNulty, Head Sacristan  Ext. 125

Sister Margaret Tierney, SC Pastoral Care   Ext. 124

Jarred Tafaro, Liturgical Music  Ext. 103

Linda Rosa, Payroll   Ext. 149

Mary Eileen Hogan, Office Manager/ Pastor’s Secretary   Ext. 134

Cindy Graves, Bulletin/ Ministry Schedule    Ext. 110

Melanie Vaughan, Tax Letters   Ext. 178

Robin Verhose, Reception/Baptisms   Ext. 100

Mary Lou Oliva, Archives   Ext. 401

Envelopes & Registration Ext. 169

Weddings    Ext. 134

Funerals    Ext. 102/101

Scheduling    Ext. 104


Robert Dougherty, SCS Principal  732-449-4424 Ext. 307

Karl Ciak, SCS Vice Principal  732-449-4424 Ext. 302

Edward Stevens, Director of Cemeteries  732-614-0600

Marion Ciecura & Brenda Jackson, Cemetery Office Assistants  732-681-6269


Parish E-mail 

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