Volunteer Opportunities within the Parish

There are many options for service within our parish family both ongoing and one-off opportunities. Below you will find a list of these opportunities which will be updated when new opportunities become available.

Please click on the title of the opportunity to be directed to the sign-up form.

Individual Opportunities


Refreshments at Masses at Cemeteries

The parish will be hosting an All Souls Mass and a Christmas Memorial Mass for the families of those buried in our parish cemeteries. Volunteers are needed to assist with refreshments after the mass. Volunteers should arrive at 9:00am.

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa will be on Sunday, December 16th at St. Catharine School.  Kitchen and front door volunteers must be over 18 years old. Please arrive by 8:30AM.

Assisting with winter mailing

Msgr. Cullen will be sending out a mailing to the parish. Assistance is needed with folding the papers and stuffing envelopes.  We will also be preparing a special gift for Christmas masses. Please report to the rectory dining room and BRING A SNACK (not a messy one please)

Poinsettias for the home bound

On Monday, December 17th our Pastoral Care department will be sending out poinsettia plants to our home bound parishioners. Please sign up for one of the slots provided. Please arrive at your assigned time, not before of after so that we can maintain an orderly system. You will be assigned a parishioner to bring the plant to, please go directly to that address and if the home bound parishioner is up to it, spend some time with them. Parents are REQUIRED to accompany their children, you can not drop a child off at the address, children can not go on their own.  Please report to St. Catharine Convent

Forgiveness Day 2019

This year our 2nd grade students will have a Reconciliation Retreat entitled “Forgiveness Day” to assist in their preparation to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. Volunteers are needed to assist with set up and the actual retreat. Anyone that volunteers is required to attend on BOTH days.

On-going Opportunities

Volunteering at Weekend Masses

Volunteers are needed to be Gift Bearers, Greeters and read the Prayer of the Faithful at masses on the third weekend of each month. These Greeters will welcome parishioners and visitors into our churches prior to and after masses. They will be the first “official” person, and first smiling face anyone meets when attending mass.  Volunteers are also needed to leading the congregation for the Prayer of the Faithful (Universal Prayer). Please report to the sacristy prior to mass for instruction. ANY CHANGES MUST BE DONE BY THE WEDNESDAY PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED MASS. AFTER THAT DATE YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FIND A SUBSTITUTE. Readers- report to the Lector prior to mass. Gift Bearers and Greeters report to the Ushers. 1 mass per weekend only, 1 sign up per mass only. 1 Parish Service Hour Per Mass

Assisting at Religious Education or School Masses and Liturgies

Volunteers are needed for during Masses. Sign up at the link above and a member of the staff will contact you to arrange a time. 1 Parish Service Hour Per Mass

Opportunities for Altar Servers

Altar Serving at Weddings

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the ceremony. Some weddings are ceremonies and others take place within a mass, meaning a wedding can be between 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.  Parents should be in communication with the altar server to arrange for pick up or remain on the premises. You may sign up in advance at the above link.  1 Parish Service Hour Per Wedding

Altar Serving at Funerals

On occasion altar servers are requested for funerals and/or weddings. Current Altar Servers may sign up on the “altar serving at weddings” link. Altar Servers wishing to do funerals can sign up at the above link, a member of the staff will contact you when an opportunity is available. During the school year on the Saturday funerals will be offered. 1 Parish Service Hour Per Funeral